Taizhou tung tai bearing co., LTD(Taizhou yaojiang bearing co., LTD)Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of small and medium-sized ball bearings。In the planning of the company is located in taizhou coastal towns in big coastal industrial zone of taizhou jiaojiang ZhangAn streets。

  The company is founded1995Years,Professional is committed to research、Production of high precision、Small and medium-sized ball bearing low noise。Over the years,Stay with the original machinery industry of luoyang bearing research institute of good relations of cooperation,For the state administration of quality supervision inspection center inspection companies,And in1998Years in the industry took the lead throughISO9002Quality system certification,Make the company to the international enterprise and a major step forward。

  The company produces all kinds of bearings2000All set。Have all kinds of processing equipment450Sets and all kinds of advanced testing instruments200Taiwan(Sets),To form the product seriation、Mass production mode of production。The company USES the latestCAD、CAM、CAPPTechnology were studied、New product development and manufacturing。The company is acted on“For the better、Higher、Stronger”The quality policy,The company persists in its new creative solutions than bearing field stand in the forefront of the bearing industry......
Address:Zhejiang taizhou jiaojiang ZhangAn surplus feng road, the street119Number
The phone:0576-89003181 89003182
The mailbox:info@loufangdai.cn
Taizhou tung tai bearing co., LTD
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